Monday, September 3, 2012


King Hezekiah Praying
A lady with a tumor the size of an orange in her breast was instantly healed under my arm, and in front of a medical doctor in his own clinic. Upon examination it was scientifically verified that no tumor was found, and no cancer cells present in her entire body. The Surgeon that was about to operate on the lady—when he saw this tangible proof—was dumbstruck. But, the story does not end here. Although it was all verified and scientifically established an entire group of doctors either were not allowed to say that indeed a miracle had happened, or they could not say it out loud. They repeatedly said that they don’t believe in this hocus-pocus.

Nonetheless, the scientific proof could not have been discarded as some inexplicable hocus-pocus. “A preacher prayed for the lady and the tumor just vanished.” Although, I did not even pray for her, I just embraced the lady with God’s love. Peace like a river rushed inside her body. No poisons, no needles, no scalpels; only the power of the heavenly peace.

Another lady was about to undergo a heart transplantation operation. She waited for the suitable heart. Upon hearing the testimony of lady ‘A’ she asked for prayer. At that time I was in Switzerland, and the healed lady ‘A’ was in Italy. On the phone, which to me was my reality, I said, “The same God that healed lady ‘A’ will heal you, lady ‘B’.” To me it was so clear and obvious that I could not say anything else. Clear revelation. Again, it was not by blind faith, or some strong sincere wishing, but rather by divine knowledge. I connected the dots. I put together God’s intentions, and spiritually I saw no obstacles. However, with some people I see obstacles and then no matter how hard I try to encourage them in faith no miracle ever happens. I have seen so much of it that I don’t even try to encourage anyone in faith. Often their faith remains blind. It can be compared to a bridegroom who is about to marry a woman he does not know, but he also does not want to know her. Either they believe in you as a man of God, or they believe in your anointing, or they try to please you by believing just in you. All these things really constitute a blind faith as if those people feel that it’s too late for them to study God and His ways. It’s too late for them to repent and draw near to Him by familiarizing themselves with the way He really is. This lack of interest puzzles me. Anyway, this lady was different and I saw it. 

The expected suitable heart had finally arrived and the lady was readied for the operation. The chief surgeon started to shout at his colleagues, “Are you playing a joke on me? This lady has a better heart than mine. She can live with this heart a hundred years.” All tests revealed a brand new heart. The completely disgusted chief surgeon left the operating room accusing his colleagues of wasting his time.

John Wayne
This is what I like to see, not some psychosomatic claims of miracles, but scientifically verified miracles. I have had the good fortune of seeing many such miracles throughout my entire life since I was 12 years of age. It has nothing to do with my anointing, or some strange powers. There is a God in heaven, and He likes to come down to us on earth when we prepare Him an honorable place. When we please Him by studying His ways, acquiring His thoughts; when we flex the Frontal Lobe, and leap forward with the new, and fresh revelatory information; we then walk in the Spirit.
Note that when someone is diagnosed with some dreadful disease, like cancer, they are being calmed. They seek peace in information as to what therapies are available, and what are their chances in beating that thing? Well that’s already a wrong attitude. When the actor John Wayne was diagnosed with cancer in 1964 he said,

“I’ve had lung cancer, the big C. But I’ve beaten the son of a bitch. Maybe I can give some poor bastard a little hope by being honest. I want people to know cancer can be licked.”

I don’t know with what he would have beaten this SOB? With his fist or a gun? The combative attitude never heals anything, but makes things even worse.

King Hezekiah made peace with God and was healed. God added another 15 years to his lifespan. After 15 years Nehemiah died, but he could have made peace with God again, and again and again; so why didn’t he? That’s how much God loves peacemakers. We have numerous references to peace offerings in the Bible, an endless list. There is no need to sacrifice if we walk in peace and make peace.

John Wayne beat lung cancer in 1964; however, he died 15 years later after a struggle with cancer of the stomach. The pattern is obvious. Three times grace is the pattern. (Gracious harmony) Three means harmony. Make note of this pattern of five times three. Fifteen means triple grace, but how to draw it to our point of need has already been revealed for the greater part of this book.


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