Wednesday, September 5, 2012


“We are not victims of our genes but only victims of our unconscious beliefs, and we can change.” - Dr. Bruce Lipton.

When one is terminally ill and there’s no known cure, quite too often people think in terms of beating it or “winning their battle with that thing.” I assume that then they have the satisfaction that with chemotherapy, radiations, drugs, etc., they did beat it. Nonetheless, that's too often an illusion play out on the human psyche. Some people went deeper into God’s kingdom and the illness, tumors, cancers etc., have not returned with vengeance and they are doing just fine. In others, cancers return with vengeance invading entire body siphoning life. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: Instead of awakening the peacemaker within, they awake the warrior. It is the prevailing mentality in most ill people. The doctors tell them to combat, to fight to resist and have faith only in that form of a warlike scenario. Yet, war never heals, but makes things worse. Only peace heals, but how?

Monday, September 3, 2012


King Hezekiah Praying
A lady with a tumor the size of an orange in her breast was instantly healed under my arm, and in front of a medical doctor in his own clinic. Upon examination it was scientifically verified that no tumor was found, and no cancer cells present in her entire body. The Surgeon that was about to operate on the lady—when he saw this tangible proof—was dumbstruck. But, the story does not end here. Although it was all verified and scientifically established an entire group of doctors either were not allowed to say that indeed a miracle had happened, or they could not say it out loud. They repeatedly said that they don’t believe in this hocus-pocus.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Those who do not understand what demons really are may be a bit lost and confused as to what the deliverance ministry is dealing with. 

There's a whole lot of guessing going on; some believe that demons are those fallen angels the Book of Enoch describes and that they supposedly came down to earth, sexually cohabited with flesh-and-blood women and had produced giants. The same mythology is found in the Greek culture, which calls them Titans.

Demons are UNCLEAN SPIRITS, which Jesus cast out. In My other blogs that is better explained.

Whatever and whoever once lived and died is not unclean until the living handles some parts of that past life. Touching a bone of a dead person makes the living unclean. Those who play with witchcraft or spiritism - calling up the dead - makes people unlearn. These definitions are found in God's Law, which does not change. Hence, Deuteronomy 18 specifically instructs us to not touch these things or even be interested in this unclean stuff; for on account of these things God was driving those nations out of Canaan through Israel. Just imagine the Holy Wrath of God.