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ince time immemorial, wars have impressed certain data into our genes, which we will carry for an indefinite time. Our scarred DNA carries properties that fight rather than contribute to our triumphant development. The moment people hear the word “triumphant,” they think of war, oppositions and struggles. Can this DNA data be changed? Can it carry different information? And if so, what would influence it to the point of a permanent change?

Hidden influences upon genes appear to affect every aspect of our lives. At the heart of this new field is a simple yet to some extent contentious idea that genes act as memory banks. However, these memory banks do not remain inflexibly locked. Our genes undergo modifications in accordance with our experiences.

A family gene pool contains memories of its predecessors as well as whatever they have been exposed to, whatever they have done themselves, or had been done to them. Tragic, painful events leave scars, we say, but these scars are not external. Through my observations I have noticed that those who have lived in peace for centuries have a completely different disposition than those who have experienced many wars. I watched the Swiss and the Polish; the latter are more complex people. I prefer the relaxed Swiss than a sour-faced person, be it a Russian, Ukrainian or Polish. Although Americans were not directly exposed to the ravages of war they carry the patriotic pride element because of the necessary won, or unresolved wars, although the ‘necessary’ sometimes stands in question. The Vietnam War still haunts us. The compulsory draught of our boys ‘scarred and twisted’ even more their DNA strands.
 Whatever your grandparents faced—occupations, hazards, environments, the water they drank, food they ate, and the air they breathed—influenced their DNA. And if that is true, then what you do today could in turn affect your own descendants for generations. The information this book contains may set you on an irreversible course to betterment.

Caring mothers reduce the likelihood of stress in their children’s lives. Tests on rats have revealed that if the mother inadequately cared for its young then certain genes in her offspring have been permanently marked. The opposite was also studied; caring mothers produced well-adjusted happier young.

Holocaust survivors carry “scarred” genes that surface whenever World War II is brought up. A German pastor from Nuremberg once told me that he stayed with a family of Holocaust survivors in Israel and bluntly asked the lady of the house, “Why don’t you hate me?” He was surprised when he heard her answer, “We know how hate feels, and we don’t wish it on anyone.” This Christian pastor was just given a practical lesson in peacemaking, which comes in a package that includes care.

Since the inception of Christianity, the original sin doctrine has been very much alive in almost every denomination. If that were so, then we would be doomed and would not ever recover from what Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden. If no change is possible, and we can only hope for God’s mercy, then we had better stop preaching, teaching, and writing books. It is not the holding-on to salvation with the skin of your teeth—until the final day when we are about to knock on hell or heaven’s door—but improvement and spiritual growth. There is something to overcome and our ‘genes will thank you’ for it. We can change, even on our own. We do have the power. But also, just as it is in sports, we must find joy in jumping over obstacles.

When God gave His law to Moses, He did not give a set of rules that would be impossible to follow. If we think so then we would mar God’s real character. Now, is that nice? The impossible was not of God’s making, but of man’s. It is our lack of will rather than our inability to obey God’s law. We have become like merchants; we must see value in everything before we bargain. If you don’t see any value in being righteous, or in peacemaking, would you rather profit from war? If so, then you must die, for those who use the sword die from it? What we practice makes us who we are. The choice has always been ours. But, can dedicated peacemakers make a living from peacemaking? All forms of violence eventually bring death, be they internal or external. Our rather delicate psychologies can’t endure it for too long.

If I can challenge you and open your eyes making you see a great value in peacemaking, would you “buy” it? Remember that peace heals and restores. Peace transforms us.  

New information comes your way, and all you need to do is to embrace it and run with it. Don’t convince yourself that you cannot change, or that demons control your life. That’s a copout. As long as you live, everything can be changed. Think about the remorseful thief on the cross; he still had the time. But, the other one, the shameless one, squandered his time of grace. As long as Ananias and Sapphira still lived they could have repented, given up lies and agreed to tell the truth. But, their time ran out and they died without the possibility of change. As long as the king of Judah Hezekiah lived, he could change, and he did. He confessed his sins and wept; God’s response was healing; and then He prolonged his life. Repentance works in a realm of space; therefore grace. Once space is taken, and grace withdrawn, repentance is not possible. After the great trumpet sound, on the last day, no one will repent then, but each will give account of his or her life before God’s throne.

[Mark 3:28-30] Truly I say to you, all sins shall be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they utter; but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin”— because they were saying, “He has an unclean spirit.”

Ananias and Sapphira ran out of time and died on the spot—that’s a sin against the Holy Spirit. Lying to Him or attacking Him in any way can be detrimental. As long as you can still read what’s written here, you are alive and well, and about to get even better. The right information often saves lives. Anyone having the knowledge of resuscitation, or the life-saving procedure applied to a victim of choking, saves lives; that’s the power of knowledge. The same applies to spiritual matters. People needlessly die after they have kept obeying those malicious war genes.  

Here are some important facts gleaned from recent scientific discoveries.
For nearly a century, most biologists held firmly to the “neo-Darwinian” dictum that organisms are strictly determined by their genetic makeup, which is essentially isolated from the environment, so characteristics acquired during one’s lifetime can never be transmitted to the next generation.[i]

If one of your parents had trained very hard to become an Olympic tennis champion, you would not expect to be born with particularly strong arms or be a child prodigy in tennis unless you happened to have inherited the right genes from that parent, and it would not have mattered if he or she trained for the championship or not. That was because genes were supposed to remain constant except for rare random mutations; random in the sense that the mutations bear no relationship to the environment, so your parents’ experience can never influence your life.

New research reveals that you could be getting not so much the right genes, but “retro-genes” from your Olympic tennis champion father. That is a very significant finding, because [the] mother’s influence, through the egg cell, and the womb, has long been recognized as an important part of the environmental (non-genetic) input for development, while the father was supposed to contribute nothing before birth except his genes. Now, it appears that the father’s experience, too, could result in “retro-genes” that might be passed on via the sperm.[ii]

With Dr. Lahn’s permission (a geneticist at the University of Chicago) I’d like to emphasize some aspects of his research. Dr. Lahn worked with the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research to craft a novel theory about the origins of the Y chromosome, which is widely used today to determine ancestry. Lahn’s paper[iii] on the recent evolution of the human brain asserts that new versions of two genes are currently spreading through the human population, and that these genes are more prevalent in some geographic regions than others. He has speculated that these genes may be linked to brain size and intelligence and wonders if the mutations—one of which took place roughly 40,000 years ago, the other, 5,800 years ago—correlate with the development of art, written language, and the founding of cities. And he stepped on more than a few toes when he noted that, geographically speaking, the changes had occurred pretty much everywhere except sub-Saharan Africa.

Scientific data point to the first human habitats arising about 40,000 years ago, and recent discoveries have pushed this date as far back as 100,000 years ago, which would predate the biblical account, creation of Adam (6,000 years ago).[iv] The earlier dates explain the existence of people like the Sumerians (5700-4900 BC) and also Cain’s words to God: “… whoever finds me will kill me” (Genesis 4:14). Most certainly he was not speaking about his own family, but rather of ruthless people who preceded Adam. 

Dr. Lahn examined the DNA of 1,184 people around the world, although not in racially mixed areas like North America, Russia, and Australia. He estimated that one undamaged variation, microcephalin haplogroup D (V1), first appeared around 40,000 BCE and has since spread to about 70 percent of humans. A second variant of the gene, abnormal spindle-like microcephaly, associated haplo group D (V2), arrived more recently, around 6,000 BCE, and has since spread to 30 percent of humans. It is most common in Europe and the Middle East.

I call the abnormal gene “unusual” or “unique,” for it arose at the same time the great mix occurred—i.e., when God’s new creation and its genetic pool collided with people of a completely different genetic makeup: “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward” (Genesis 6:4).
Yes, God permitted it all; otherwise those other, non-Adamic people who made up the rest of the world would have been extinct. A study of purely hereditary structures of the body is no proof at all, simply because it does not examine life itself. We must follow quite a different line of thought. Remember that in Genesis 1:26 the spiritual man was created first! In Genesis 2:7 the physical man was formed from the ground and with him the original human genetic makeup.

[iii], September 22, 2005 Vol. 25 No. 1) Lahn’s analysis of genes indicates human brain continues to evolve.


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